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DeltaVision® plans

Increase client recruitment and retention with DeltaVision -- combines dental and vision coverage in one convenient and affordable package.

Delta Dental has partnered with VSP®, a national leader in vision benefits, to offer your clients an exciting new addition to our dental benefits program. DeltaVision, which combines dental and vision coverage in one convenient and affordable package, helps you increase client recruitment and retention. Plus, your clients enjoy more healthy, satisfied and loyal employees.

With DeltaVision, your clients’ employees get everything they want in a vision plan, including:

  • A national network of independent eye doctors
  • 22,000+ participating retail locations nationwide
    • Includes Walmart and Costco vision centers
  • Exclusive savings and rebates on a wide selection of eyewear
  • Access to buy designer eyewear online at®


New for 2024

Available for small groups

DeltaVision is now available to small groups.

We have added two new enhancements:

Essential Medical Eye Care

VSP® Vision Care is committed to providing eye care that supports our members’ overall health and wellness. That’s why we offer Essential Medical Eye Care. With your vision benefits from VSP, you have access to supplemental coverage for urgent and medical eye care. Download the VSP Essential Medical Eye Care flyer.


Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, an annual eye exam is an easy and cost-effective way to take care of your eyes and overall health. 
With VSP LightCare™, you can use your frame and lens benefit to get non-prescription eyewear from your VSP® network doctor. Download the VSP LightCare flyer.


Why offer DeltaVision

By offering DeltaVision, your clients get two great programs in one.  Plus, they’ll benefit in several ways, including:

  • Combining dental and vision coverage under Delta Dental helps employers save time and money
  • VSP discounts to save on eye exams and glasses at participating in-network eye doctors
  • Regular eye and dental exams help detect early signs of many conditions. This can lead to earlier interventions and better overall health.
  • Complimentary eye exam reminders for diabetic patients


Vision plan benefits

We offer Value, Select, and Premium versions of employer-paid and voluntary vision plans that cover annual exams, lenses and frames per benefit summaries shown below:

Copay Value: $10 Exam / $25 Materials
Select & Premium: $10 Exam / $10 Materials
(Lenses and/or frames)
Exam Once every 12 months
Lenses Once every 12 months
Frame Value & Select: Once every 24 months
Premium: Once every 12 months
Examination Covered in full after exam copay
Contact Lens Exam
(Fitting & Evaluation)
(15% savings on the contact lens exam)
Covered in full after copay up to $60
Essential Medical Eye Care
Single Vision Covered in full after materials copay
Lined Bifocal Covered in full after materials copay
Lined Trifocal Covered in full after materials copay

Lens Enhancements:1,2

Anti-reflective coating

Polycarbonate lenses (for children) Covered in full
Polycarbonate lenses (for all) $35
Standard Progressive Lenses N/A
Premium Progressive Lenses $95 - $105
Custom Progressive Lenses $150 - $175
Photochromic lenses $75
Scratch-resistant coating $17-$33
Frames Value: $150
Select: $200
Premium: $250
Elective Contact Lenses* Value: $150
Select: $200
Premium: $250
Necessary Contact Lenses* Covered in full after materials copay
LightCare Value: $150
Select: $200
Premium: $250

*Contact Lenses in lieu of RX glasses


Examination $45

Single Vision $30
Bifocal $50
Trifocal $65
Lenticular $100
Progressive $50
Frames $70
Elective Contact Lenses $105
Necessary Contact Lenses $210

1Listed pricing applies to standard enhancement level (Progressive pricing lists all levels)

2Enhancements with “copays” or “covered in full” covers all enhancement levels (standard, premium, etc.)


See more details about plan offerings at Plan benefit summaries.

For more information and quotes, please contact us

Contact us

If you have any questions or need additional help, please call our sales team at 877-277-7073 or contact your account services team member.